Our Mission

Our mission is simple — to help you capture, preserve, organize and enjoy your family's most valuable memories using archival best practices, methodologies equipment and supplies, employed by FA Logo professional archivists and museum experts from around the world.


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See How We Help Families

An archival wedding dress box
saves your dress for future generations

Your Family Memories are Timeless...and Priceless

Think of all the memories you and your family generate in a year...in a decade...in a lifetime. Special moments that create the milestones in your lives; moments that are shared and passed from generation to generation. These memories can encompass photographs, letters, souvenirs, clothing, and children's drawings, even stories passed down through the generations. Memories such as these document the special events, as well as ordinary occurrences, that make people's lives precious and unique. And when they're accumulated in one place, these valuable memories tell your family's never-ending story and become a legacy for generations to come.

At familyarchives.com, you'll have access to the exact same materials and practices used to protect and preserve presidential papers, historic documents of the first moon landing, precious turn-of-the-century photos and recordings. And now, for the first time, they're available for you to build your own family archive.

You'll learn how faded or deteriorating articles can be copied onto special archival paper that will last for 500 years or more without yellowing. Why archival quality sleeves provide a safe environment for your photos versus standard sleeves that actually accelerate their deterioration. You'll create interview scripts, based on archival best practices, to capture the untold stories of your parents or grandparents so you can remember them forever. And you'll learn a system for using specially designed archival boxes, originally created to meet the highest standards of the National Archives and now used by archivists around the world, to keep your memories safe, sound, organized and accessible for today and into the future.

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