Our Mission

Our mission is simple — to help you capture, preserve, organize and enjoy your family's most valuable memories using archival best practices, methodologies equipment and supplies, employed by FA Logo professional archivists and museum experts from around the world.


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Mementos (including clothing)

Keep your wedding dress ready
for the next generation in an
archival wedding dress box

It may be antique glassware, a vintage toy or game, or a jersey from your daughter's grade school basketball team. Or it's a collection of vinyl LPs. Or a unique hand-me-down in a box under your bed. These personal mementos are another type of memory that may mean something special to you or was priceless to a family member, so you need to protect and preserve them.

Mementos come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own archiving and preservation challenges – and solutions. can help you preserve and protect these mementos before they are lost to the ravages of time.

What to Keep